No Dough-erty

Just because things have gone quiet on the Pete Doherty front, that doesn’t mean that he’s all of a sudden on the up and up, sipping cocktails on a sun lounger in some sweltering holiday town, clinking glasses with fellow revellers as he prepares himself for festival season. Quite the reverse in fact, although perhaps we should be thankful that he’s not getting banged up for leading impressionable young girls to the delightful world of smack – as far as we know.

The former Libertines front man, who will be rejoining his former bandmates this summer, is apparently so broke that he has to play acoustic shows in bars along Camden High Street in north London, while he – according to The Sun – lives out a squalid sounding existence in a basement flat under a key cutter’s. Maybe he’s waiting on his share of the £1.5million the band will receive for their comeback shows at the Leeds and Reading Festivals on August Bank Holiday weekend.

‘Pete is completely broke,’ said some nosey source or other to the paper. ‘He's found this squalid pad and he's doing shows for any cash landlords will offer.’

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