No laughing matter

We reported a while back that poor old Harry Hill was having a terrible time trying to get his album of musical comedy out to the masses, with the Beatles and Apple Record giving his Sgt Pepper-related title and cover art the big ‘nish nish’, and Pink Floyd saying ‘no way man’ to ‘Bright Side Of The Moon’.

Well now the big-collared comic has been dealt a second blow, with former The Smiths legend Johnny ‘The Guitar’ Marr saying that he can’t use a medley of the band’s tracks sound in the style of George Formby. What a spoilsport, eh?

‘He's already on his third choice of album title and now Johnny's had a sense of humour bypass,’ said a source to The Sun. Yeah, what a git, not allowing people to use his material without his permission or the correct reimbursement. It’s a terrible blow you’ve struck for comedy, Marr.

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