No Libertines reunion, say band

Another day, another rumour about The Libertines getting back together, and another false one at that: The Sunday Mirror reported that Pete Doherty and Carl Barat had reconciled and were close to reforming their band, after Barat tweeted a picture of them together. However both Barat and The Libertines' management (presumably the people who worked on the festival appearances last year) have ruled out there being any reunion tour.

For his part Barat popped up on his Facebook profile to post about the rumours. He called it a 'complete fabrication', while the management spoke to music magazine NME explaining why any reunion would be impossible.

'None of us are aware where this is all coming from beyond the fact the pair of them met for a tea and had a nice time,' they said. 'Carl posted a picture of them on Twitter and that's that really.

'Truth of the matter is there are NO plans whatsoever in the pipeline and both of them are committed to other things for the next year anyway. Carl leaves for Paris next month for rehearsals on his opera which will keep him busy until next June and Peter is away on tour.'

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