No Love lost between Lily and Courtney

They are both controversial stars who love a good scrap, so it's no surprise that Lily Allen and Courtney Love are now mortal foes. The spat began on twitter - the only place for celebs to begin a fight - when Lily apparently made snarky remarks about Love's currently estranged daughter Frances Bean Cobain.

An NME bash attendee told the Daily Mail that the two stars were friendly at first, then things 'turned really nasty, really aggressive and bitchy.' Courtney branded Lily a 'little girl' saying 'welcome to the music industry', with Lily screaming 'Why the f*** did you say that to me?' before exiting the awards in tears.

Ironically, Lily was only at the NME awards to pick up a 'Giving It Back' fan award for benevolence to her followers on twitter...

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