No More-issey

Whoever the Scouse tinker was that threw a bottle of beer at Morrissey’s head at his recent Liverpool Echo Arena, forcing him to walk off stage and never return after just two songs, will be regretting his yobbish behaviour more than ever today after the news that organisers aren’t going to be able to reschedule the show.

The promoters official statement read: ‘the event organisers have been unable to reschedule the Morrissey concert. As previously notified, refunds will be available to all customers who purchased tickets from authorised outlets. Where possible customers will be notified directly by email.’

The November 7 show was the latest in a string of cancelled gigs on the former Smiths wailer’s current tour. He recently collapsed on stage during a performance in Swindon, forcing him to abandon his gig in Bournemouth. He also made numerous cancellations earlier in the year due to illness.

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