No one likes us

You’d think that selling truckloads of records and having loads of money would be enough for some pop stars to have a more of a relaxed demeanour, but not so N-Dubz: they’ve got the right raging hump about not being nominated for a Brit Award, and they’ve got to the tabloids to complain about it.

Fazer spoke to the Daily Star about the groups’ disappointment, and said that the only way they would be properly appreciated by the British public was if they were successful in the States. Well, it would mean they’d be spending more time out of the country, eh? EH?

‘A lot of people up for a Brit Award this year haven't sold half as many records as us,’ Fazer said. ‘We just don't get the recognition. Last year they put us up for ‘British Single’ with Tinchy (Stryder) but this year they didn't even recognise us.

‘I reckon it's going to take us to smash America for the UK to turn around and go, ‘Ahhh’. It's frustrating as we work hard on our projects and are very hands-on. We produce, write and mix and master all our own songs.

‘It's more emotional for us as the songs are more personal. We're under-rated. I wasn't surprised when Liam Gallagher threw his Brit in the crowd last year. I'd do the same thing if they gave us one. They can have it back.’

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