No Skepta-cism

Grime (if one can still call it that – these things move on) has been one of the musical revelations of the past 10 years, breaking out from the ashes of Garage in east London and conquering the charts, to the point where even tasteless 50-year-old aunties illiterate in the language of pop know who its most famous son – Dizzee Rascal – is. The recent rise of various young MCs, curiously backed by every White Van bigot’s favourite paper The Sun, has finally given UK black music something approaching the coverage its frequently inferior American counterpart has. Hooray for that, that’s what we say.

Another step on the road to world domination could be coming for Skepta, who for some unfathomable reason is still unsigned (check out Soul Food, if you get the chance). American hip-hop mogul P Diddy recently posted a message on Twitter asking UK rap fans to suggest someone remix his new single Hello Good Morning. Skepta fans piled onto his site to suggest the eastender have a go, and now he’s set to have the fruits of his work given airplay in the States. Result.

For his part, Diddy has been a fan of the UK scene for a while, and has made noises about getting more involved and even signing a local artist to his US label. ‘I remember the first time I heard grime. Blew my mind,’ he said. ‘This is the first song I had that it could work with.’ Fingers crossed another of London’s brightest gets his big break.

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