No Way Hosay-sis

Noel Gallagher isn’t just one of the great British songwriters in a linear of great British songwriters, he’s also famed for being a man of the people, never forgetting his Manc-land roots.

The former Oasis chief is expected to release his highly anticipated debut solo album this year, but he recently hit to a stumbling block when he realised he needed to get his own website. Naturally noelgallagher.com would be the first choice but it turns out some clever Spanish Oasis fan decided to nab the domain 10 years ago with a plan to sell it on for a bucket load of cash. According to The Sun, Noel has stepped in and offered to swap the website, in return for flights to London, a guest list place to a future gig and signed memorabilia.

The outcome? Noel Gallagher now has a shiny new website, which as yet, has nothing on it.

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