'No way sis split will last'

On the day that his new band, Beady Eye, release their first single as a free download, probably the last thing Liam Gallagher wanted was people talking about an Oasis reunion. But, thanks to his former label boss Alan McGee, that's what everyone's talking about.

McGee told BBC 6 Music, 'I think they'll make up. Yeah, in about three or four or five years' time. They will. I'm pretty sure.'

Now, in fairness, we suppose the brothers could become friends again - if they were ever friends - without Noel rejoining Oasis, or rejoining Beady Eye and renaming it Oasis, or whatever. But of course, if he did, it'd have a nice symmetry - after all, Oasis had a rubbish name (Rain) before Noel joined his younger brother's band for the first time...

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