No White Stripes reunion says Jack White

Jack White has said that he would never reform The White Stripes. When he says "never", he means unless he was totally bankrupt. So pencil in those festival dates for summer 2017 then, after Jack blows all his royalties on black hair dye.

Speaking to the New York Times, White clarified his position, suggesting that the split had more to do with Meg White than him, and that he regrets the band couldn’t continue. "I'd be in The White Stripes for the rest of my life," he said. "That band is the most challenging, important, fulfilling thing ever to happen to me. I wish it was still here. It's something I really, really miss."

White’s relationship with Meg was always cryptic, and that hasn’t changed. He didn’t go into details on the reasons for the break-up. "Meg completely controlled the White Stripes," he said. "She's the most stubborn person I've ever met, and you don't even get to know the reasons.

"There came a point where I said, 'If we’re not doing this, we need to put an end to it right now.' And that's what she wanted to do. I don't know what her reasons are. Having a conversation with Meg, you don't really get any answers. I'm lucky that girl ever got onstage, so I’ll take what I can get."

White is working on his solo career. His album Blunderbuss is released on April 23. He plays UK shows at London's O2 Academy Brixton on June 21, HMV Hammersmith Apollo in June 22 and Radio 1's Hackney Weekend on June 23-24.

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