Noel and Damon all loved-up

It can be confirmed. The Britpop wars are officially over. Nearly two decades after hostilities commenced between Blur and Oasis, a new relationship of mutual respect was cemented in a cuddle between Damon Albarn and Noel Gallagher after the Brits Awards. They even enjoyed a few drinks together on EMI’s party cruise down the Thames. No punches were thrown.

Back in their feisty 20s, Albarn and Gallagher exchanged bitchy remarks seemingly every week in the pages of the music press, and their rivalry culminated in a bitter battle for the number one spot, when Blur’s Country House pipped Oasis’s Roll With It to the top spot.

Years after those mediocre singles have been consigned to charity shops’ bargain bins, the singers, well into their 40s now, have admitted a mutual regard. Albarn apparently got friendly with the former Oasis songwriter over a pint last year and told the Evening Standard that Gallagher has "great charisma".

Meanwhile in the NME, the traditional battleground in the 90s, Gallagher admiringly described Albarn as being "as mad as a box of frogs". He even envisioned collaborating with Albarn on a future album. "He'd get a load of hip-hop dudes working on it, which itself would be f***ing mental", Gallagher suggested.

Albarn looked back with a certain fondness at their ridiculous rivalry. "It's funny to think Blur were last here 17 years ago when we were big rivals," he told the Standard. "Isn't it funny how we've both mellowed after all these years? We've buried the hatchet."

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