Noel approached for Strictly

It’s the traditional arc of a British career: stardom, decline, reality show. BBC bosses may have been only a tiny bit premature when they asked Noel Gallagher if he would be ready to take part in the next series of Strictly Come Dancing.

Noel, probably as realistic about his career prospects as any performer, ruled it out with a cheerful and tasteless gag. "I'm flattered," he told The Sun. "I’d have done it and all as I’ve recently mastered the sticky task of coming while dancing. Sadly though, I’m a bit busy. Maybe next time. . . "

Bookmakers read enough into the jokey words to believe that Gallagher might actually be interested. Ladbrokes offered odds of just 5-1 that Gallagher would take part in the dancing competition. They have also offered bets on High Flying Birds making a guest appearance on the show, and rather longer odds on Oasis reforming to play a special Strictly Come Dancing show.

A BBC spokesperson said that approaching Gallagher was along shot, but they thought it was worth a try. "Strictly always set their targets extremely high," they said. "The show gets huge viewing figures and the bookers behind the show are very much of the opinion 'if you don’t ask, you don't get'. They knew from the off it was ambitious but they thought it might be something that tickled him."

Gallagher and his band have a very busy summer of festival dates including T in the Park, V Festival, Isle Of Wight Festival, Jersey Live and the iTunes Festival.

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