Noel G lends a hand

The FA Cup draw down the years has been a thing of necessity rather then beauty, but since ITV snapped up the rights the one (and only) thing they’ve got right is the 3rd round draw.

The 3rd draw has always been the most mouth-watering, as it's the round where the hopeless (sorry) non league pub teams get a chance to play the big guns of English football, ah, the romance...and then the 0-8 humiliation (sorry, again). Last year’s draw was given the showbiz treatment with football nutcase Frank Skinner called into, quite literally give a helping hand and this year’s draw was no different. The draw took place on Sunday and ITV had rockers Noel Gallagher and Kasabian’s Serge to pull the little numbered balls out of the lovely velvet bag.

See how they got on below. Just so you know...Noel supports Manchester City and Serge supports Leicester City, guess who they both drew in the cup? You couldn’t make it. Or could you? Hang on, FIX!!! We won't get the World Cup now!!!

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