Noel Gallagher a 'b*tch', says Liam

There's been yet another barb lobbed out in the war of words between squabbling indie has-beens the Gallaghers. The pair having been having it out in the press for as long as any of us can remember, and now Liam has called his elder sibling a 'little b*tch' for the 'lies' he has told about the break up of Oasis.

The brothers have been debating each other's version of events for the past few months, with each one calling the other a liar. Noel seems convinced that he was forced out of the band by the others, and called Liam a 'born liar'. Now Liam has told MTV Canada that it is in fact Noel who lies, and that he should just quit his whining.

'I just know he lies,' he said. 'Noel wasn’t bullied out of the band. And then he writes a statement like that saying 'Oh, I've been bullied out of the band' and management and all that, and two days later, the people he reckons bullied him, and the people who weren’t listening to his little sob story, were around at his house having tea on his lawn. I'm just disappointed for him, and his fans... I have my (bad days) but Noel Gallagher can be a little b*tch when he wants to be.'

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