Noel Gallagher brands Oasis a "rudderless ship"

Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher has branded the Manchester legends a "rudderless ship". Writing on Oasis' MySpace blog during their tour of South America the outspoken songsmith said that the band was going through "bad times".

"We speak at bad times for the Oasis tour," Gallagher wrote. "Bad times. We are a rudderless ship at the minute. And there's a fuckin' shit-storm on the horizon. I guess all will be revealed in due course".

Gallagher continued: "Strange atmosphere. I wouldn't mind but we're in South America! Playing massive stadiums and there's a bit too much hrmph-ing going on for my liking. Shame really."

With a Noel solo album on the cards as well as the claim that the band are set to release no new material for five years could it be the beginning of the end for Oasis? Will anyone care?

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