Noel Gallagher: I don't give a f*** about the environment

Noel Gallagher has admitted that he recently upset his mate Chris Martin. When encouraged to go green by the Coldplay frontman Gallagher replied in his trademark straight forward fashion saying that he didn't give a f*** about the environment.

The Oasis guitarist told Talksport that: "I remember being out with Chris one night and he said: 'Why do you think it's cool not to care?' and I said, 'Well I don't think it's cool, I don't think I'm being cool.' I actually couldn't give a f*** about what's going on outside my family: me, my missus, my two kids and my Mam, and her parents... that's it, for me."

Gallagher was also asked his opinion about James Blunt's statement that flying is bad for the planet and similarly answered in a no nonsense manner: "The thought of James Blunt gives me a migraine. James Blunt is bad for the environment that surrounds this part of my f***ing head here."

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