Noel Gallagher is ‘blasting out tunes’

The mist surrounding Noel Gallagher’s alleged solo project is beginning to clear. The ex-Oasis man is apparently working on new material in Los Angeles, according to You Me At Six frontman Josh Franceschi.

The singer wrote last night on Twitter that his band have been working in the same recording studio as Gallagher.

’Can hear Noel from Oasis blasting his new tunes from the studio next door,’ he tweeted. ‘Absolutely mental.’

Well then, this is a turn up for the books. As we all know, last month Gallagher shrugged off speculation by claiming he hadn’t even started work on the solo album yet. However, his brother Liam, who’s probably more eager to hear it than the most devout Oasis fan, suspected otherwise.

Miles Kane, of the Last Shadow Puppet fame, claimed last November to be working on the album with Gallagher. Which in our estimation gives it at least an outside chance of sounding interesting.

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