Noel Gallagher: no new Oasis album for five years

Noel Gallagher has announced that there will be no new Oasis album for five years. While fans will be crying into their pints and many music lovers rejoicing, the Mancunian songsmith has admitted that he will instead release a solo record during the interim period.

"I've got a lot of songs lying around ... but they're not Oasis songs," Noel told Q Magazine said. "They're going to sit there and do nothing, so hopefully at the end of this tour I'm going to go and do something for myself."

The senior Gallagher brother continued: "The last three albums have been three years in between, but I see it as likely to be longer this time. The last time we did that was at the end of Be Here Now, and we rushed the next album [Standing On the Shoulder of Giants]. There was no inspiration on it."

"By the time we make another record we'll be five years older," Gallagher said. "It [will] be really interesting for fans of the band to see how each individual makes up the whole."

Anything to keep Noel away from his younger brother Liam would seem to be a good idea for the greater good of humanity if his latest comments on 'Our Kid' are anything to go by: "[Liam is] rude, arrogant, intimidating and lazy," Gallagher said. "[He] will f*cking freak out."

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