Noel Gallagher Solo Album deets

Since Noel Gallagher finally quit Oasis last year we’ve been drip fed details about what to expect from his incoming solo debut album - so much so it's comparable to Chinese water torture. Anyway, we shall go on recycling even the merest smidgen of goss about the eagerly anticipated long player until it comes out.

This time news has leaked that Noel has signed up a choir to feature on the album. What they’ll be doing is anyone’s guess (we guess supplying falsetto backing vocals). The choir in question is the Crouch End Festival Choir and they have worked with Noely G on a number of occasions including his recent solo Teenage Cancer Trust at the Albert Hall and Oasis’ Electric Proms gig at the Camden Round House – their last London show. David Temple, the choir’s baton waver confirmed the news to XFM: ‘I was speaking to Noel's manager about this and we'd love to do it’.

We’ll bring you more as the story develops i.e. Noel confirms he will be singing on the album, Noel confirms the album will feature some songs and Noel confirms it’ll be coming out, one day.

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