Noel Gallagher talks politics

Want to know what former Oasis man Noel Gallagher thinks about politics? You'd probably be surprised if we told you that he's actually quite an articulate and erudite man. He certainly gives a good interview, of that there is no doubt.

So it's kind of sad to hear him spout utter nonsense about politics really, even if he's articulating what a lot of people think: he says that he voted for a pirate (OK, that's pretty funny, we'll admit): He says that a coalition government wasn't on the list (well, duh) when he went to vote, and later on complains about working class people these days being lazy. What's really sad is that the BBC asked him on Newsnight to talk, simply because he has an album to promote, not because he has anything new to say about British politics.

'It's the first time I've just picked the most ludicrous thing on the list,' he said. 'Some guy dressed as a pirate - there's nothing cooler than a pirate. When the election came around I don’t recall it being a coalition government on the bill when you went to vote. I'm a bit offended by it, to be honest. If they were going to form a coalition government they should have had a re-election. Nobody voted for this Conservative/Liberal Democrat nonsense.'

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