Noel Gallagher talks post-Oasis plans

The dust has finally settled after the Gallagher brothers' Parisian bickering last month, which led to the demise of Oasis. Noel Gallagher has had the time to put his size 6 feet up, gather his thoughts and decide what he now wants to do.

Noely G attended the re-opening of footballers' favourite nightclub Chinawhite in London yesterday and gave some clues about his next move: "I'm having a good time [without Oasis], and the support from my fans has been great. I'm looking forward to doing my own thing, bringing out my own music. I'm glad that's what people want to hear," the grandfather of dad-rock told The Mirror. "I am not thinking about much else, Oasis or Liam, I'm just having a good time."

In other post-Oasis news Noel’s little bro Liam has invited fans to ask him questions. Send abuse or love via Twitter (tweet a question with #askliam) or send an email to askliam@prettygreen.com. No doubt he'll have a monkey on hand to use the technology and read the questions to him.

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