Noel Gallagher to produce new Razorlight album?

He may be on the job hunt after walking out on Oasis last month, but Noel Gallagher surely can’t be so hard up that a rumour he might produce Razorlight’s new album is true?

Well, not strictly a rumour, but Razorlight’s bassist (tricky job) Carl Dalemo has suggested that Noely G will produce their 4th looooong player, which they’re currently learning three-more chords for. "Maybe we should get Noel to produce the new Razorlight album. We're looking for a producer" he told The Mirror, "we need some northern cred!" (“cred”? Jeez).

In other exciting Razorlight news, their new drummer David 'Skully' Sullivan-Kaplan says he’s fitting in well: "These guys are great, the music is great, they were very patient, encouraging and enthusiastic. It couldn't have been a better fit, really. It's been really fun."

Are you sure you’ve joined Razorlight?

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