Noel Gallagher to release solo material?

Quite why there are so many people clamouring for material from the former members of Oasis is unclear in our heads: it’s pretty obvious that Beady Eye aren’t going to produce anything worth listening to and Noel Gallagher shot his creative load a long time ago. However they still have fans, so it probably qualifies as news to say that Noel Gallagher’s album and single release dates have been leaked on the web.

The dates were apparently released on a new Twitter account called NoelGDGallagher, and while there has been some debate as to whether the new account set up by ‘his people’ his genuine, there have been official denials, which makes us believe what we were told: That Gallagher would be releasing his first single in August and following it up with an album in September.

‘For clarification this is Noel's official Twitter which will be handled by both his management and himself from time to time,’ read the account. ‘So we can finally announce details about Noel's solo release... Single release date: 22.08.2011. Album release date: 12.09.2011.’

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