Noel holds barred

Noel Gallagher has let rip at the NME for supposedly trying to start a feud between them and their natural (and far, far duller) heirs The Enemy. Noel ranted on a quite amusing blog post against the coverage the bands are getting, and made some digs that will hit home if you dress like a home counties indie boy.

'There's been an attempt by the NMEto try and start some juvenile, pathetic feud between the bands in the run-up to these gigs. Can I assure everyone that there is not and never will be anything between the working classes and its heroes.

'If I personally see any weasel from the NME at these gigs (which is highly unlikely) they'll be getting escorted off site. In fact, you could do me a favour here. If you see an NME journalist at any of the gigs (and let's face it, they're pretty easy to spot; they don't stray far from hospitality, wear God-awful clothes - particularly the shoes - got dreadful hair and "mug me" look about them give 'em a clip round the ear-hole from me and tell 'em to behave.'

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