Noel & Messi bezzy mates

We’re willing to bet someone else’s house that this story isn’t true. However, because it’s soooo ridiculous, we won't - there could be an ounce of truth in it somewhere.

It was recently reported that Argentina’s Lionel Messi has become a massive Oasis fan after his teammate Carlos Tevez turned him onto the band (Tevez plays for Manchester City, the team the Gallaghers support). As silly as that seems, The Sun have gone one step further and declared that Messi will beat quarter final opponents Germany just for his new bezzy mate Noel Gallagher.

‘If they love England as much as they do Manchester City, you can tell them from me I will do everything I can to defeat the team who knocked their beloved England out of the Cup’, is the quote from Messi in the newspaper.

Hang on! There is some truth in this story after all - Argentina are definitely playing Germany in the World Cup.

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