Nostalgia trip

Over a decade after it was originally asked for, Boy George has signed an autograph for a fan.

The Culture Club singer, whose real name is George O'Dowd, was clearing out his London home when he discovered the sleeve from the band's 1983 album Colour By Numbers.

He took to Twitter to tell his followers, saying: ‘I found an old CC album someone sent to get signed. Gonna send it. Maybe they moved? It belongs to Peter J Anderson in Hebburn, Tyne & Wear NE31? Where’s that?’

Newcastle local paper, the Sunday Sun, reports that Anderson soon received the signed record, together with a signed photo and a note from Boy George saying sorry it had taken so long.

Anderson, now retired, told the paper: ‘This has taken me on such a nostalgia trip. I'd forgotten all about it...it must have been 10 or even 12 years ago that I sent it to him.

‘I was over the moon to get it back. Boy George and Culture Club were a new sound in the 1980s, unlike anything we’d heard before, so I saw them when they came to Newcastle City Hall and other venues, and was a big fan.’

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