Not all Axl Rosie

As well as being a fine example of how to be rock stars whilst sporting god awful hairstyles, Guns n Roses have written the rule book on how to sustain acrimonious rifts with each other.

This time, lead singer and ginger dreadlock wearer Axl Rose (an anagram of Oral Sex...) has filed a lawsuit against their old manager, a Mr Iriving Azoff, reports E Online. According to the report, Oral is suing for a whopping $5m / £3.5m on the grounds that he was coaxed into a reunion tour by Mr Azoff as well as ‘sabotaging’ their mega hypoed, long awaited, overblown, billion dollar album ‘Chinese Democracy’.

To add some more spunk to the story this is all in reaction to Mr Azoff's recent $2m lawsuit for loss of earnings. Will Mr Azoff win? More like Mr AS-IF! Hahahaha!!! Sorry.

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