Not Bad Jacko

Michael Jackson still appears to be Big Business, despite the fact he’s underground and therefore - beyond a Thriller-style zombie-rising-from-the-dead comeback, incapable of recording any more. In any case, were he to rise again, he probably wouldn't be very interested in making music. It would be a sad day indeed.

Still, dead or alive Jacko is set for one last big pay day. He's getting the biggest deal in the history of recorded music – which is at least a whopping £132million from Sony for ten albums, of which some will be new material (how this is possible no-one appears to know) as well as re-issued versions of his classic albums, with the possibility of it rising to £165million. The deal will at last clear all the debts that had been dogging him in his last days, and all the profits will apparently be going to a trust shared by his mother and three kids.

Sony know which side their bread is buttered: they’ve already sold 31million albums since The King of Pop’s death, and they’re more than confident of milking the cash cow until the wallet-nourishing juice runs dry.

‘This agreement with Sony Music demonstrates the lasting power of Michael's music by exceeding all previous industry benchmarks,’ said entertainment lawyer and co-executor of the Jackson estate, John Branca. No doubt Sony are chortling all the way to the bank manager.

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