Not Talking Heads

With everyman and his tambourine cashing in on a reunion tour, it’s genuinely nice to hear one respected artist say, there’s no chance of us doing the same.

Talking Heads were one of the finest bands of the 80’s but due to creative differences (yes, that old chestnut) they went their separate ways in 1991. Since then it’s leader David Byrne has had the reunion carrot of cash dangled in front of his eyes but has always refreshingly turned it down. Talking to Digital Spy, Byrne says there’s still no chance of comeback for big bucks or not; ‘I haven't heard any of those offers for a while. For a while yes - there was offers for Talking Heads to do a reunion tour and that sort of thing, but it didn't seem very likely. Adding: ‘We kind of separated for creative reasons - there was animosity - but that wasn't the only reason we went our own ways.’

Shame but nice to see someone with a spot of dignity.

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