Not wretched

Indie boys are often a bit snooty about their music, especially when black people show up and start messing around with it: we all know that if it’s not made by a beardy div in skinny jeans it’s not worth listening to in the indie realm, and you can bet your bottom dollar a higher standard is applied to any form of black music: to make sense of a rapper, he has to be a ‘conscious’ rapper.

Well we say piffle to that, and thoroughly embrace Unorthodox, Wretch 32’s collaboration with Example, a completely spiffing UK hip-hop track set to a remix of The Stone Roses’ Fools Gold. It appears that Wretch himself thought much the same thing as us, and was expecting a pasting a from the guitar pop community. Thankfully it’s not turned out bad at all, and the track is at number two in the midweek chart. It’s below, by the way.

‘I was totally prepared for a slating. I imagined loads of Stone Roses fans telling me I'd messed up a classic,’ he told the Daily Star. ‘People criticise before they congratulate, so it was surreal when I started getting positive feedback. Ian Brown giving it the thumbs-up was amazing. I loved 'Fools Gold' so much when I was growing up. It has a real sunny vibe.’

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