Note to bands: splitting up is good for your sales

Now, we're not saying this is why the White Stripes split up - but it must have made the experience a little easier.

The legendary blues-rock pair - modern-day guitar virtuoso Jack White and magnificently bored-looking ex-wife and drummer Meg - announced this week they're calling it a day. It's been several years since their last album, and Jack has been busy with various side projects, so it's not really news to anyone, but it still left a lot of fans saddened.

And, apparently, lots of lesser fans curious. Sales of the White Stripes' albums have rocketed in the days since the announcement. Breakthrough album 'White Blood Cells' (the one with the one with the Lego video on it) has seen a 612% increase, sending it to number 5 in the quick-sellers chart on Amazon; 'Elephant' (the one with the one with the hypnotic bassline on it) has seen a 402% increase to hit number 7, the NME reports.

The prize, though, has to go to 2010 live album 'Under Great White Northern Lights', which has shot up to number two with a frankly ridiculous 2,644% increase in sales.

Essentially, the moral of the story is: splitting up is good for your sales. Hear that, Scissor Sisters?

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