November date set for Nadine

Always nick-named 'the singer' of the band Girls Aloud, Nadine Coyle vanished to Los Angeles a few years back to work on her solo career but failed to launch her first ever album earlier this year. Now, sources reveal, the Irish popstar is hoping to release the now eagerly awaited album in November this year, out of the shadow cast by fellow band-member Cheryl Cole, the Metro Online tells us.

'William Orbit's produced the majority of it and the results are great. She's got some huge pop songs. Some of them even Tina Turner-esque,' a source revealed.'

Despite having a powerful voice suited to most genres, Coyle was seen Twittering early this year to ask fans whether the first single from the album should be a 'laid back or upbeat track'.

Whatever she opted for, we're sure the single will blow any competition out of the water towards the end of the year, with just '3 words' from the lead single.

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