‘Nowhere Boy’ movie trailer released

It’s hard to comprehend that it was almost 50 years ago when John Lennon famously met Paul McCartney at that Village fete in Liverpool, and even harder to comprehend what modern life would be like if they had never met. Well philosophers, it doesn’t matter, cos they did.

The trailer for ‘Nowhere Boy’ - the upcoming biopic about a young John Lennon (including the aforementioned fateful day) has been released. The movie is based on ‘Imagine This: Growing Up With My Brother John Lennon,’ the book written by The Beatle's half sister Julia Baird, and stars Kristin Scott Thomas. The script has also been penned by Matt Greenhalgh, the man behind the excellent Joy Divison flick ‘Control,’ so great things are expected (we'll ignore the minor detail that none of the actors look like their characters).

Bizarrely though, given that it’s a movie essentially about John Lennon growing up and forming The Beatles, electro masher-uppers Goldfrapp are in charge of the soundtrack.

Nowhere Boy’ hits multiplexes on the 26th December. Check out the trailer...

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