O2 Jacko fans will get full refund

It was a horrible question that was always going to get asked, and a full 12 hours since his tragic death, it's been answered: anyone with a ticket for the upcoming fated Michael Jackson O2 tour, will get a full refund. While a spokesperson for the event had originally said: "ticketholders should keep hold of their tickets and we will announce ticketing details in due course," Sky News have confirmed that all 750,000 fans will in fact get a full refund. Details will be announced shortly.

According to Sky, the tickets, which went on sale for between £50 and £75 sold at a rate of 11 every second. Ticketmaster described the sellout as "the busiest demand for tickets for an event we have ever experienced".

Proving that you should never buy or sell a gig ticket on Ebay till the fat lady sings, those who paid way over the asking price for a second hand ticket on the net will be the only ones set to lose out. Was that you?

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