Oasis Abandon home town gig

Oasis had to abandon their gig at Manchester's Heaton Park twice due to technical problems last night, leading to the band playing a full live set and telling the fans they could have their money back to boot. Result.

The sound problems cut the band off during opening number Rock 'N' Roll Star, and when they returned ten minutes later to play 'Lyla' the same thing happened again. The band returned again 40 minutes later and promised a full refund

'Really sorry about that, 'Liam Gallagher said to fans. 'This is a free gig now. Everyone will get a refund.' While Noel added: 'The curfew's 11, but we'll play 'till they kick us off. Keep your ticket and you'll get your money back.'

All good then, only for legendarily free and easy with his money Noel to do a sudden about face: 'We're not sure how its gonna work with getting the money back,' he said before playing Half The World. 'Be on a website or summat. We're not getting paid for this so buy a t-shirt on the way out. Credit crunch and that, keep my kids in sweets.

'If you're getting your mum and dad to pick you up outside afterwards, tell we're not leaving til 2am. Kind of regret offering you your money back now. Apply for it back if you wanna be a ****, we do our best for you.'

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