Oasis ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ - any good?

Noel recently admitted the band’s lowest point was after their mammoth 3rd album Be Here Now when founding members Bonehead and Gigsy left - and was surprised they even managed to cobble together 2000’s Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants.

Since then Oasis have gone through more drummers than Spinal Tap and acquired two full timers in bassist Andy Bell and guitarist Gem Archer. Three studio albums later and the masters of Britpop sound all the better for it. DOYS is their most musically cohesive collaboration to date and is the sound of a band firing on all tub-thumping psychedelic cylinders.

Despite song writing duties being shared (Noel 6, Liam 3, Andy 1, Gem 1), predictably Noel’s tunes are the ones most deserving of attention. Opener ‘Bag It Up’ (no relation to the Geri Halliwell number) examples the much hyped groove direction, ‘The Turning’ is a kick in the bollocks to Cliff Richard’s ‘Devil Woman,’ and stand out track ‘Falling Down’ a distant cousin to the beat driven ‘Setting Sun’ by The Chemical Brothers.

Liam’s contributions are better than his previous ones, the best being the album’s sole ballad ‘I’m Outta Time’. It may be a little reminiscent to his first attempt ‘Little James,’ but with an air of John Lennon soundscape it gives the singer a promising sideline as a song writer.

Major downside with DOYS are its lyrics or lack of them. It’s almost as if every word has been squeezed through a 60’s psychedelia word generator; “hee-bee-jee-bees in a hidden bag”, “summer sun that blows my mind”, “Space and time and here and now are only in your mind” being just a taste. We know Noel ran out of things to say when he wrote a slurry of Beatles’ song titles for lyrics on 1997’s ‘D’You Know What I Mean’, but that's no excuse.

Having set their own musical bar with debut album Definitely Maybe over 14 years ago, the brothers Gallagher subsequent releases have and will always be compared to those perhaps unattainable dizzy heights. Dig Out Your Soul is an album that will definitely please the legion of fans but, somewhat predictably won’t do anything more.

Oasis - 'The Turning'

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