Oasis: officially over for good

News of Liam and Noel Gallagher having a massive row and Oasis splitting won’t surprise anyone who’s followed their career, but there was always a glimmer of hope for fans that they might see the big money be made and put their differences aside for one last pay day.

However, that option looks like it’s dead in the water after an Italian waiter quizzed Liam about the split, before going straight to The Mirror to make himself a few Euros. It’s the way all bands want to announce their demise.

Vincenzo Della Corte was serving Liam while he, his missus Nicole Appleton and guitarist Andy Bell ate at a posh restaurant overlooking Lake Como, when he ‘had to ask him what the future was, and he said it was all over and that there was no way he would get back with Noel.

‘He said that Noel had his style of music and he had his and they would be going their separate ways.’ So that is officially it, ladies and gents. It’s so over.

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