Oasis splitty helps City

Liam Gallagher has clearly become more philosophical in his middle age. Why there’s no better way to deal with the splitting up of the band that gave you unimaginable riches and fame than to claim that their success had some sort of bad juju effect on the football club you love. Classic deflection, you see?

‘When Oasis were doing well, City were doing sh*t,’ Gallagher philosophically told the Daily Mirror, possibly while stroking his chin. ‘But now we've split, City are doing good. Maybe there's some good times ahead with City, and that'll take the pain of the band splitting off a bit.’

Taking this theory to its obvious conclusion, now that Liverpool are doing so rubbish, maybe the Bluetones will rush back to the top of the charts? Or Cast? You can also almost certainly blame Tottenham’s revival on Chas and Dave’s untimely end too, the scoundrels.

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