Oa-thith! Oa-thith!

There’s many a true, blue-blooded Englishman who would never forgive the Argentines for the Hand of God, the Falklands and well, just being better at football than us (we’re forgetting about you pesky gloating Scots, Welsh and Irish for the time being – deal with it), but big sacks of money has a habit of making principles disappear. Take Oasis, for instance; Englishmen to the core (ok, both the Gallagher’s parents were Irish, but let’s forget that), surely they would never reunite to never help the Argentines celebrate a World Cup win, right?

They might have something to think about soon though; with the Argies looking strong bets for this year’s World Cup and Lionel Messi and the rest of the squad listening to – and falling in love with – the band, they want them to play at any potential celebration party that they might have.

‘Ever since he has been playing in Manchester, Carlitos (Tevez) has told me how great Oasis was,’ said Messi. ‘I kept promising I would listen to them, but I never got round to it. On the plane on the way to the World Cup Carlitos made me listen to their first two albums. I have to say I wasn't expecting much but it is some of the best material I have ever heard. They are absolutely amazing.

‘Their songs are incredible. I would have to say Supersonic and Live Forever are my favourites. I have been listening to their stuff on my iPod dock in the hotel room, on the way to the matches and in the dressing room. I can't believe it's taken me all this time to finally listen to them.

‘I've been watching their live performances on YouTube and they look like they'd be amazing to see in concert. I asked Carlitos if we could go and see them in Manchester or London in concert, but he told me they have split up.

‘I showed the rest of the boys in the Argentina squad their stuff and I promise you, everybody absolutely loves it. A few knew a couple of their songs but for most of them it was their first listen. We have agreed that if we win the World Cup we want to fly them over to Argentina for our celebration party. We just need them to name their price.’

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