Off to T in the Park? Take your brolly

It's been a mixed summer for Scotland. They didn't even make it to the World Cup, but got the satisfaction of watching England humiliated. They saw their tennis ace Andy Murray cheerfully adopted by the English while winning, and then, as usual, politely handed back when he crashed out of Wimbledon.

In the festival stakes, too, it looks like it's going to be 1-0 to England. For while Glastonbury was a sun-drenched three-day paradise, this weekend's T in the Park looks set to be a miserable washout.

BBC Weather is predicting 'heavy rain' for Friday and Saturday for the Scottish festival. The maximum temperature looks set to be a leave-your-shirt-on 17 degrees.

Hopefully Muse, Kasabian and Eminem will be entertaining enough to make the welly-clad trudging worthwhile...

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