Official music vids back on YouTube

YouTube has finally lifted a block on UK users watching artists’ official music videos after they reached an agreement with PRS for Music, a songwriters’ collective.

The videos were blocked back in March after YouTube, which is owned by megabucks monster business Google, failed to reach an agreement with PRS for Music over licensing fees for related to the use of music.

This isn’t just a row over music videos however; music in TV shows was part of the problem too, but now YouTube has paid out an undisclosed lump sum to PRS for Music, which has been back dated to January and until 2012.

‘We have 60,000 song-writer and composer members and many of them don't earn very much money at all - 90% of them earn less than £5,000 a year,’ said Adam Shaw from PRS for Music. ‘The money we receive is really their living.’

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