Oh! No! Bono!

Irish cock-rockers U2 have been slapped with a £33,125 fine for exceeding noise regulations at all three of their recent monster gigs in Ireland, reports the Irish Independent.

Dublin City Council enforced the fine and are investigating complaints from local residents/spoilsports/people with good taste in music about the excessive racket being made by Bono and his goons. Apparently they broke the max 75 decibel noise limit 12 times during their 360 world tour concerts. Naughty.

With the band charging £75 per ticket residents are said to be offended by the pocket change fine: ‘It is a paltry penalty, it really isn't a disincentive’ said Pat Gates of the Croke Park Area Residents' Alliance.

Sounds like a case of pooing on your own doorstep to us Mr Bono.....

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