Oink oink, Glasto canned because of swine flu?

In what could be the biggest logistical nightmare of the year (apart from closing international borders to swine flu) Glastonbury may face the axe for that very reason.

Michael Eavis allegedly called festival organisers to an emergency summit in which they discussed the possibility of shutting down Britain's biggest shindig down over fears of swine flu.

“So many people gathered in one place is a risk and if the Government wanted to pull public events, like they have done in Mexico, we’d be one of the first to go.It would be crazy not to put a plan in place. Right now, though, it is still full steam ahead” said a Sun source.

Well, we can't really see the 137,000 or so revellers remembering to keep their face masks to hand at all times, and if the Glastonbury portaloos, sorry poo pits are as sanitary as they usually are then it would be the perfect place for the flu to flourish.

Let's hope it doesn't come to that though. No Glastonbury would mean nothing to look forward to than not being able to pay the mortgage because of the credit crunch and being quarantined because of pig flu. Glastonbury can survive the rain, can't it survive the snuffles?

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