Ok Go ‘White Knuckles’

There have been many crackerjack music videos over the year but with every good one there are a thousand shockers. U.S. indie dance crossover stars Ok Go have got the measure more than right. Arguably their songs aren’t the greatest of all time but my god, their videos are.

Having already released 3 mega worldwide YouTube smashers with ‘Here It Goes Again’, ‘WTF’ and A Million Ways’ they’ve just released their latest visual wonder and it’s clocked up a whopping 1.5 million hits in 24 hours. The promo video for ‘White Knuckles’ shows the four piece do another stunning dance routine but this time choreographed with dogs. Yes, think uber-cool Crufts.

Talking about the video Damian Kulash from the band said, ‘It took 124 takes. There were many more starts and stops but we actually have slates for 124 full takes. The video you see is one whole take and what you see is all take 72.’

Look in awe below...

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