Old Dogg Always up for New Tricks

U.S hip-hop star Snoop Dogg held a press conference (amongst gyrating girls) for journalists in London yesterday (May 17th) following the release of his new album ‘Doggumentary’. In between discussing his own music and the irrepressible power of hip-hop, the star declared his interest in making a more streetwise version of the hit show The X-Factor.

According to the nme Snoop was interested in backing a talent show that would go ‘straight to the hood’. From the comfort of his golden throne in the strip club where the conference was taking place, one of the music industry’s biggest survivors said: ‘X Factor is great but [...] I want to find that raw untamed talent that hasn't been dressed up all nice for the TV. Any TV companies want to help me, then they know where I am.’ He added he envisions a show that would promote hopefuls ‘with no money, just raw talent and natural ability.’

The rapper, less famously known as Calvin Broadus, also mentioned another business venture which was on his agenda; he voiced his intention to ‘open up a supermarket chain’ adding that he was ‘going to call them Snoopermarkets.’ It seems that London has left him particularly inspired.

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