Old Dogg, New Tricks

Well, here's a sentence to make you feel like it's 2004: the new Snoop Dogg album is out today on MySpace.

We're not quite sure why the Doggfather has decided to work with the rapidly-dying social network to promote his new album, but hey, who are we to argue with the Dogg. The album, 'Doggumentary' (not, surprisingly enough, 'Tha Doggumentary') is out for reals in a couple of days, but the man formerly carrying the middle name 'Doggy' has put it up on his MySpace page for us all to hear in advance.

The album is reportedly a 'conceptual follow-up' (hmm) to Snoop's 90s classic 'Doggystyle', and features a slew of guest artists, including Willie Nelson, R. Kelly and the Gorillaz. (OK, that actually sounds kind of amazing.)

So head on over and check it out... if only to reminisce about the days when MySpace was the place to hear the hottest artists.

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