Old Faces

Classic 70’s lad rock legends Faces are reforming once again to play the Vintage At Goodwood festival this summer, only in place of Classic 70’s lad rock legend Rod Stewart, ginger soul sell-out Mick Hucknall is going to be the frontman for the gig – ye gads! At least Hucknall has a shagging pedigree to rival Rod The Rod, and a powerful enough voice, but good lord, your man from Simply Red singing legendary tracks like Stay With Me? We remain unconvinced.

The rest of the original line-up remains however (including Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood) with the exception of bassist Ronnie Lane, who can’t make it due to being dead. Which is fair enough, really. Former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock is stepping in to push out those dirty grooves. The band will be playing at some point between 13-15 August, so keep ‘em peeled if you want to get down and dirty with the princes of British Rock ‘n’ Roll.

‘We got together to receive a PRS Lifetime Achievement award last year and very simply the magic was still there,’ said Ronnie Wood. ‘Playing with the boys again just felt right so we thought well why not? It’s exciting to be on this path again and I hope that the Faces fans are excited as we are – I'm just really looking forward to seeing them this summer – bring it on!’

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