Old school

Aerosmith have revealed that they’re going to record a new album in the new year, which is news which should send all you fans of crusty of 70s rock apoplectic with joy. Best of all, the band have revealed that they’re going to do it the ‘old’ way, as if there was any other way they wouldn’t be able to do it.

Yeah, we're going to make an album,’ said the band's drummer Joey Kramer. ‘That would be very special. I would like to see a record within a year from the Aerosmith boys. My brothers and I are destined to make another record in the next year or so.

‘It's going to be an old school Aerosmith record. We're going to do it the old way with the whole band (in the same room) and it should be a good one. We're all anticipating.’

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