On a highway to hell

As far as rock n roll stories go it's fair to say this isn’t up there with TVs thrown out of windows and Rolls Royces in swimming pools, but it’s a slow news day, so what the hell....

AC/DC are currently wheeling their way through a mammoth world wide tour including a highly anticipated headlining set at next weekend’s Download Festival, but before then the Aussie rockers have to actually get there, which hasn’t been completely been plain sailing. According to xfm.co.uk ACCA/DACCA and their whopping 50 truck entourage were fined 2,500 Euros (£2000) after they failed to pay a road toll in Romania.

A statement from the Romanian road company confirmed the news: ‘the band's caravan was stopped at the border with Hungary by employees of the national roads company who asked them to pay 50 Euros ($60/£40) for each vehicle or a total of 2,500 Euros, before they were allowed to leave the country.’

Rage Against The Machine, Aerosmith, Deftones, Them Crocked Vultures, Motorhead, Slash and loads more, will also head to Donington Park for the 3oth anniversary of Download festival...toll roads pending.

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