'One day we'll write the album...'

Fans of The Libertines will no doubt have been disappointed to hear that their favourite nostalgia trip won’t be doing any festival shows this summer; however, we reckon they’ll be delighted to hear that Carl Barat and Pete Doherty are thinking about writing a third album together.

Barat made the admission in an email to fans, in which he confirmed that there would be no festival shows. He might well have just been sugaring the pill, but he said that they wouldn’t be touring without new material, which he hopes to write. ‘One day’ isn’t exactly a strong sign of intent, we’ll grant you, but at least they’re thinking about it.

‘Just to quell any speculation, there will not be any Libertines shows this summer,’ he said. ‘As perfect as last year was, Peter and I have not written anything new together at this point. We are all busy doing very different things separately.

‘Truly moving as it was to play Reading, Leeds and the Forum it would not be right to do this every year without new material as I'm sure most would agree. You never know though, some day I hope we'll write the next album...’

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